Japonito is a new fusion restaurant born from the meeting between two very distant lands between them, Mexico and Japan.It offers dishes with totally new and original flavors and aromas, the result of the contamination between the two culinary cultures.The menu, designed by Nobuya Niimori, ranges from Tacos, to Fajitas also proposed with fish, to Uramaki revisited in a Mexican key, to Tazon, unique dishes based on rice, vegetables, meat or fish, to Tartare and Chevice di pesce raw and fresh.Distinctive feature of each dish is the attention to raw materials, both exotic and Mediterranean, combined and dosed with each other wisely to give the palate unexpected, light and tasty flavors.The restaurant reflects the soul of the dishes, a perfect fusion of Japanese essentiality and Mexican color.A white and luminous canvas on which typical elements of Mexican culture emerge, framed by the bright green of large exotic plants.A street touch is given by the large icon mural created by Neve, the hyper-realistic street art.It depicts the face of a beautiful geisha with the head adorned with purple roses, a new Frida Kalo with an absorbed and mysterious look

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